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Meet the Author – Sharon Angelici

The Kenosha Book Festival is on its way so let’s get a sneak peek and meet some of our local authors.

All of our Meet the Author events are free so come on down and maybe you’ll find your next favorite book!

Our featured author for Friday, February 17th from 5pm to 7pm will be Sharon Angelici!

Check out her bio below and more at

Sharon Kennedy Angelici was born in the American Midwest, but her heart belongs to Colorado. She is a full-time wife, mother, artist, and lover of life.
She has been writing works of fiction, short stories, and poetry since childhood. Her first book, “Dear Kane; what I wish we would have said,” was published by Write with Light publications and is available on, Barnes & Noble, and direct from her website.
Sharon has published articles in Archer Magazine, SBS Australia, The Tribe Magazine, GeekGirlAuthority, TAGG Magazine

Sharon and her son are working blacksmiths and artists. They have been making chainmail jewelry and creating forged sculptures since 2013. Visit the Blacksmithing/Art page to see our work.

Keep track of all the details and any updates by RSVPing on the Facebook event at

See you at Studio Moonfall – 5031 7th Ave in Kenosha!

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Meet the Author – T.R. Nickel

The Kenosha Book Festival is on its way so let’s get a sneak peek and meet some of our local authors.

All of our Meet the Author events are free so come on down and maybe you’ll find your next favorite book!

Our featured author for Sunday, February 26th from Noon to 3pm will be T.R. Nickel!

Check out her bio below and more at

T. R. Nickel is more known by her family and friends for her intense imagination and desire to make others smile. Since a young child, living in the state of cheese, she has been fascinated with books and the craziness that goes into creating something so magical. Starting off with writing poems that she would jot down into a tiny bright yellow memo pad, grew an intense passion to create and fill a world with her own craziness.

Keep track of all the details and any updates by RSVPing on the Facebook event at

See you at Studio Moonfall – 5031 7th Ave in Kenosha!

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February Coloring Contest – Fear & Sunshine: ZomBeanified

Deadline: Sunday, February 26th, 2023 by 3pm CST

Oh no!

The crew from Darksmith Manor in the Fear & Sunshine books have turned to ZomBeans!

Oh, well. Might as well make the best of the situation and color them up!

Submission Categories:
Since these books are for all ages, let’s make categories for everyone. And for the adult entries, we’ll break it up by what you use to color your page. Here are the groups from which we’ll choose our winners:

• 5 years old and under
• 6 to 8
• 9 to 12
• 13 to 17
• 18+ – Colored Pencil
• 18+ – Crayon
• 18+ – Marker
• 18+ – Other/Mixed Media
• 65+ – This one is a super cool double bonus option so participants 65+ would be eligible to win both in one of the 18+ subcategories or the general 65+ category.
• Plus one randomly selected Lucky Duck winner which anyone could win

Want to win the best prizes? Better invite your friends!
The monthly prizes will get better based on how many participants among all categories enter the contest. Can we unlock over $500 worth of rewards???

1 to 19 entries – Button Pack
20 to 49 entries – Mystery Stickers
50 to 149 entries – Crayons, Colored Pencils, and a Studio Moonfall coloring book (your choice!)
150 or more entries – $25 Studio Moonfall Gift Card!!!

For these prizes, they stack as we get more participants. So, if we get 150 entries, one person from each of the age groups/categories will recieve all the goodies – A Button pack, Mystery Sticker pack, Crayons, Colored Pencils, a Coloring Book, plus a $25 Studio Gift Card. Ten winners for all these stuff!

Winners will be contacted, initially by text message, on February 26th, 2023, around 7pm CST.

You’ll have until Sunday, March 26th, 2023 at 3pm CST to stop by Studio Moonfall to claim your prize. However, if we reach the Studio Moonfall Gift Card tier, I can set that up by your email.

Note: I’m totally guessing on these submission entry levels so this may change for the next contest.

Each participant only gets one entry but if you color one and submit it, then color another page that you think is waaaaay better, we can replace your first entry.

For our February “Fear & Sunshine ZomBeanification” Coloring Contest, it begins NOW and the deadline to submit your entry February 26th, 2023 by 3pm CST.
To submit yours, drop off your coloring page entry at Studio Moonfall – 5031 7th Ave. Kenosha, WI. You can find up to date store hours at and for Mystery Hours on Tuesdays, check the Facebook page –
If you stop by while the shop is closed, you can slide your entry into the mail slot on the door.

Be sure to include the following on the back of your coloring page:
• Name
• Phone Number
• Email
• Age Group/Category

You can also mail your entry to:
Studio Moonfall
5031 7th Ave.
Kenosha, WI 53140

Make sure to give mail entries enough time to reach us by the deadline.

I look forward to seeing your masterpieces!

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Color of Kenosha Early Bird Ending Soon!

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the 2023 edition of the Color of Kenosha coloring book series! Early Bird signups end TOMORROW, so take advantage of the $50 discount and sign up now at

Join your favorite Kenosha businesses in this one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity by getting your custom illustration featured in the 7th edition of the Color of Kenosha, planned to launch this May.

In addition to a unique illustration of your business, you’ll also get:

• Artwork by Wisconsin author/illustrator Donovan Scherer of Studio Moonfall
• A printable file and web link for your coloring page
• Social media graphics and a poster to promote the book
• A countertop display to promote and sell copies of the book to entirely recoup the cost of participating
• Locally made apparel option through our partnership with The Lettering Machine
• Coloring contests throughout the year managed by Studio Moonfall
• Full rights to use your illustration for your own marketing and merchandise

Choose from one of the three tier packages and enjoy the Early Bird discount of $50 off the base signup price:

• $325 (with Early Bird discount: $50 off) for 25 copies ($13 per book)
• $400 (with Early Bird discount: $50 off) for 40 copies ($10 per book)
• $550 (with Early Bird discount: $50 off) for 80 copies (less than $7 per book)

This summer, we’ll be breaking out the crayons and colored pencils for Kenosha favorites like Kenosha Harbor Market, Modern Apothecary, RK News, Aquanaut Water Shows, Valeo’s Pizza, Mars’ Cheese Castle, Jockey, Blue House Books, Visit Kenosha, Beyond Bubbly, Copy Center, Scrubby Duds Laundry, Kenosha Auto Insurance, EXP Realty, the Kenosha Street Car Society, Actor’s Craft, Bridges Community Center, United Way, Good Value Pharmacy, Sandy’s Popper, and more!

Sign up before the Early Bird discount ends tomorrow at or visit Studio Moonfall downtown for more information. Get your business in the hands of your customers in a fun and creative way!

Thanks so much and I look forward to drawing your business!

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The Winter Challenge

Need something to do this winter?

Want to win some prizes while you’re at it?

Come down to Studio Moonfall and pick up your Winter Challenge mini comic!

Inside, among all sorts of other goodies, you’ll find a stamp card. To collect the stamps, you’ll have to visit the shop once a month January through April. And if you collect all four stamps…

… You’ll be eligible to win the GRAND PRIZE!!!

(just don’t ask what it is yet because I still have a few months to figure that out)

We’ve got the extra special versions of the stamp cards in the shop but if you want one right away, you can CLICK HERE for a printable version.

Just in case you can’t collect all four stamps, there will also be some prizes available based on how many you do get. Another thing I haven’t figured out yet. But that doesn’t matter, right now. You’ve got stamps to collect!!