Author Submissions

Welcome to Studio Moonfall! We want your book!

Have you published your own book and are ready to see it on store shelves so the world can get their hands on it?

I’m Donovan Scherer, the mind behind Studio Moonfall. Since starting my publishing journey in 2009, I’ve authored and illustrated over 160 books. After producing so many books that the trunk of my car could barely contain them, I realized I needed a dedicated space for them — and thus, the brick and mortar shop came into existence.

But what’s the fun in having only my books on display? And why should we let the big monopoly publishers dominate our shelves? I envisioned Studio Moonfall as a haven for the Do-It-Yourselfers like you and me.

If you’re an author challenging the giants of the publishing world, take heart. You’re not on this journey alone. We have a community of readers eagerly waiting to discover unique voices like yours.

So, tell me about yourself and your literary masterpieces, and let’s GET SHELVED!

Use the links below for the ABC’s of getting featured in Studio Moonfall’s bookstore in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

If we haven’t worked together yet, fill out some information about yourself that will help us promote you.

For any new books you publish, submit them here so we can get them in the store or promote them online. We order new titles as shelf space and budget is available. As long as your book is available through Ingram, we’ll have you featured in our Bookshop Expanded Catalog.

Want to get your books in the shop immediately? Learn more about our marketing trade to get you on the shelf and more at Studio Moonfall!

Got your own local bookstores that you’d like to approach? Here are some tips that I’ve learned in bringing in indie books plus an example sell-sheet that helps showcase the general details of a book.

Quick Tips to Help Make Your Books Bookstore-Friendly
Click here for an example sell-sheet PDF