The Odd Apothecary

The Odd Apothecary welcomes you to our wide selection of peculiar potions, curious concoctions, and obscure elixirs! Step inside to find the things you may not have known were just what you need. And if they aren’t precisely what you’ve been looking for, experimenting is always fun! Results may vary.

The coloring books come in two separate versions. For the beginning student of potions, we have the Apprentice Edition, focusing just on the potions themselves. For those with a finer touch, the Alchemist Edition comes with pages full of detailed backgrounds that may give you some insight to the benefits and/or unintended side effects of the potions.

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Stay tuned to the Studio Moonfall Patreon page for free daily printable coloring pages of all the illustrations from the Odd Apothecary coloring books throughout March 2022.

What’s Your Potion?

Find your favorite potion on t-shirts, hoodies, and more. You can even get the coloring pages for each potion for free as a sample taste of what The Odd Apothecary has to offer.