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Studio Moonfall This Weekend!

Studio Moonfall Opens This Weekend!


The Grand Opening is almost here!

Just yesterday, I had over 200 books arrive to stock the shelves. With that on top of cleaning up, designing a bunch of signs, and figuring out where to put all the snacks for people coming by, I'm going to have a pretty busy week.

I'm also working on last minute plans on Mystery Boxes, which will be a great deal on a whole lot of stuff, and Lifetime Passes, a big way for you to get all the books I write for the rest of forever along with some very one-of-a-kind artwork.

If I'm going to see you this weekend, be sure to sign up for the Facebook event so that you can get any quick updates –

If you can't make it this weekend, don't sweat it! However, I could still use your help.

If you'd like to get something for yourself, like books or some of my brand new Monster Face T-shirts, visit the Amazon shop here –

If you want to support this monstrous endeavor and keep the gears turning, visit

If you're looking for a free way to help and love the books, they're in desperate need for more reviews on Amazon, especially on Monsters Around the Campfire. Find all the books and review your favorite by clicking here.

See you at Studio Moonfall!

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