Mommy And Me: Coloring & Activity Book

Mom’s, looking for a coloring book that you can do with your child? This is it!

• Suitable for all moms, and children aged 3-7

In, Mommy and Me: Coloring & Activity book, there are coloring and activity pages for the kiddo(s) to do with mom, for mom to color solo, or the kiddo to do solo if they so choose. This coloring & activity book is a great way for moms to spend some quality time with their children, and provides an interactive activity to help stave off the time spent in front of a screen.

• Color the pages together
• Complete the activity pages together
• For mom: relax and color some of the more intricate pages. For kiddo(s): enjoy coloring some of the simple pages that can be framed and given as a gift to mom

Mommy and Me: Coloring & Activity Coloring Book is 8.5 x 11, a mix of 50 single-sided designed coloring and activity pages to enjoy! By the end of Mommy and Me, moms and children will feel more bonded after being able to set aside some time to work in this coloring & activity book designed for the sole purpose of creating intentional moments for bonding (and learning…but, we’ll keep that as our little secrets moms).