Grace Permitted: A 52-Week Gratitude Journal

Looking for an awesome Gratitude journal to gift the special mom’s in your life for Mother’s Day? This is it! Some of you are probably saying “a bit of Grace?!” Just hear me out. Stop staring Grace in the face, and denying yourself access!

If you’re still searching for a gratitude journal with prompts to help chart your course for 2021, look no further!

Now that I’ve got your attention, Grace Permitted is a 52-week gratitude journal for Moms who deserve every bit of Grace! The journal is designed to help moms create a space for Grace, so they can take a few intentional moments throughout their day to acknowledge & celebrate every single achievement (big or small), and project intentions for the next day. As moms, we often forget to include ourselves when we are extending grace throughout our day.

Grace Permitted provides a space for you to:

• Set your intention
• Complete a mid-day check-in
• Reflect upon your day
• Project your intentions for the next day

By the end of the journal, mom’s will have created a safe space to allow themselves access to Grace!

Remember, Grace is permitted, and you deserve it!

Taking 2-3 minutes throughout your day, you can begin your day, readjust your day, and end your day just how YOU want, with a bit of Grace.

Do it daily, make it a routine, get copies for your Mom friends because you all deserve every bit of Grace!