Perfectly Tranquil Stress Diversions

Looking for a relaxing adult coloring book with beautiful designs, and positive affirmations? This is it!

Calling all PTSD Warriors! A one size fits all approach does not work when it comes to providing therapeutic care and services to individuals impacted by mental health issues, such as PTSD. It’s important to keep an open-mind when working to help mitigate symptoms. Talk therapy is tried and true, but as with anything in life, the right accompaniment just elevates things to a higher level.

Perfectly Tranquil Stress Diversions is an adult coloring book for individuals with PTSD; and can be a great tool for therapists, counselors, mental health professionals, etc.; to use during any stage of the therapeutic process.

This coloring book can be used during:

• Individual therapy sessions
• Therapeutic group sessions
• Between sessions, as a coping tool outside of the therapeutic environment.

It is also a tool that individuals themselves can bring into their sessions to help open up the dialogue, if they find it particularly challenging to talk about their issues and traumas.
By the end of this relaxing and therapeutic coloring book. Adults battling symptoms of PTSD will have a tool to assist them in managing their symptoms & stress; with endless therapeutic possibilities!