Cthulhu 4 Kids 2: Raising R’lyeh

Author Luke Morris

The adventure of Milo and Cthulhu continues! It began in Cthulhu 4 Kids: Old Ones at the Beach, when Lord Cthulhu paid a visit to a young boy on a family vacation. This time, instead of playing on the beach, Milo follows the great Elder God to his lost city beneath the waves. There he meets Deep Ones and Shoggoths and sea monsters beyond description. What madness shall ensue???
Read Cthulhu 4 Kids: Raising R’lyeh to find out! It’s a kids monster book, a young adult horror story, a comic romp in Lovecraftian style – all beautifully illustrated and hilariously scary. Dig this latest tale of Cthulhu for kids; it’s guaranteed to scratch your dark fantasy itch.
Luke J. Morris and Mo Simpson are both fathers of boys and avid H.P. Lovecraft fans. Since Luke has a way with words and Mo has a passion for pictures, they decided to pool their talents and write a fantasy take on the Cthulhu Mythos that the whole family can enjoy. So scroll back up, buy this book, and enjoy it!