Tales from the Teeth

Author Luke Morris

A word of caution: In these pages you will find murder, sex, drugs, magic, romance, gods, devils, judo, snakes, bugs, zombies, natural disasters, really strong coffee, and garden gnomes. If any of this offends you… Read it anyway. It’ll do you good. An office worker fights a bloody one-man war against an army of corporate zombies. A loyal dog makes his fondest dreams come true. A serial killer stalks the country for the perfect wig. A research scientist discovers Truth in pill form. A woman finds true love in a graveyard. A pair of fallen angels meet in a dive bar to decide the fate of the world. A father seeks revenge on his daughter’s stuffed bear. A contract hitman discovers wonderful uses for skin. All this and more awaits you in Tales from the Teeth, a pocket-sized collection of some of the weirdest, funniest, creepiest, most medication-inducing short stories of the modern age. Seriously. Read it. You won’t regret it.
Author Luke J. Morris – black belt, philosopher, improviser, and lifelong book addict – has an acute ear for language and a twisted taste for telling tall tales. Illustrator Mo Simpson – actor, podcast host, dog-owner, and lifelong comic book junkie – holds an aesthetic sensibility that brings beauty to the grotesque. Please keep them away from sharp objects, and never feed them after midnight.