Christmas Calamities

Author Luke Morris

Never leave an elf behind!
When Santa’s newest helper wakes up in an unknown fireplace on Christmas Eve, he knows he’s in trouble. The sleigh is gone. The night is waning. And poor Merkl is very much alone. Until he hears the creak of footsteps on the stairs.
Kids who try to catch Santa get more than they bargained for…
Cam and Rin didn’t expect to actually catch St. Nick. They just wanted an early look at their presents. But when they discover a frightened elf hiding under their tree, they begin an adventure that could make this the greatest Christmas EVER. Can the children and Merkl create the holiday magic they need? Can they effect a miracle rescue? Find out here!
If you’ve ever known the pain of being alone on Christmas, The Lost Helper is the cure for your holiday blues.
These Christmas Calamities also include:
Nutcracker’s Crisis
After dancing the same dance every Christmas for a hundred years, a heroic prince meets a Winter Faerie and is offered a chance at freedom. Will he take it?
Wise Fools
A shopkeeper in dire need of sales serves three unusual customers in dire need of gifts. Will they find what they need, and make it to Bethlehem on time? This is a children’s fantasy book for anyone who’s young at heart. If you’re into Santa Claus, Christmas elves, fun kids’ books, or uplifting Christmas stories of any kind, Christmas Calamities: The Lost Helper and Other Tales will warm you like a cup of hot cocoa. Scroll up and click BUY NOW to brighten your holidays!