Cthulhu 4 Kids

Author Luke Morris

It’s H.P. Lovecraft meets E.B. White! Cthulhu for kids. In this illustrated children’s adventure book, that most awesome of sea monsters, that Old One of Old Ones, Great Cthulhu, comes to vibrant life for a new generation! When his parents take him on vacation to the beach, Milo expects he’ll have a fun time… But he has no idea he’s about to meet a sea monster. Who is Cthulhu, and what will Milo do with him? Will Milo’s parents approve?
With a hilariously creepy story by Luke J. Morris and beautiful full-color illustrations by Mo Simpson – two H.P. Lovecraft fans with sons of their own – Cthulhu 4 Kids: Old Ones at the Beach is the perfect horror fantasy for kids.
If you’ve been looking for great children’s fantasy books – or if you’ve just been looking for some family-friendly Lovecraft mythos – this one is guaranteed to scare your funny bone off. As one reviewer says, “It’s got everything I wanted: extra dimensional gods, lost cities, destruction, insanity, and parents that are worse than me.” What more could you ask for?
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