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Meet the Author – Jeri Shepherd 🗓

Meet the Author!

Visit us on Friday, March 8, 2024 at Studio Moonfall from 4pm to 7pm to meet Science Fiction Author, Jeri Shepherd.

Hang out at the shop and take a peek inside their book, At Fault:

The fault lines are forming, not just in the earth, but between the people who live there; for the woman the world discarded and the one they chose to lead them. Zoe Baja is drowning … dying … a ghostland waiting to sink into the ocean while the Zoeans cling to a resolve to be gloriously human. The cityships are running out of room and reserves … can they stand in the storm? The violence of the fleet families grows as they struggle for power.

The Global Union of the 2900s is losing people … and losing control.

Follow the journeys of Linda in the year 2552 and Miriam in the year 2908 as they both deal with the consequences of the earth that man created and, each in their own way, try to make the best of their world for the people they love.

Get a sneak peek at At Fault at

Known to friends and colleagues as Red, the author of 107 genre fiction and general audience works (and growing), has written for nearly three decades in playwriting, children’s books, sportswriting, biography, leadership, ministry, writing resources, fiction, games, planners, and so much more. She is genre-fluid, unable to keep her keys off anything that draws her interest. She also owns Lucy’s Lantern Literature, the exclusive publishing partner of “For The Love Of” books and other works by Kim Rogne and Associates (

Red is a member of the International Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors (IASFA), Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), 20Booksto50K, National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE), and past member of Writer’s Guild of America – East.

The author has been many-times award-nominated, including books for the prestigious Newberry Medal and Caldecott Award, and she is, at the time of this website update (July 2023), a 14-Time #1 Internationally Bestselling Author, through traditional and independent publishers, across many genres, with Combined Sales of Over 700,000 Books and Plays since 1997.

See you from 4pm to 7pm on Friday, March 8, 2024 at Studio Moonfall, 5031 7th Avenue with Jeri Shepherd!

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