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Two Year Bookshopiversary

After opening a brick and mortar bookstore just in time for a pandemics and riots, Studio Moonfall has made it to two years!!

Have you been here yet? It’s pretty cool.

Originally, it was just meant to be a place for me to do my work and sell my books for when I wasn’t off doing comic cons, or as a backup in case all the shows shut down for some unforeseen reason…

But it’s become waaaaaay more than that!

Along with being half taken over by a used bookstore, the shop is full of the work of other artists and independent authors. If you’re looking for a new favorite indie creator, that’s what it’s here to do.

In fact, that’s why I’m cancelling my original, AMAZING plan for Halloween. Trunk’r’Treat Comic Con will have to wait until next year.

On top of working on the next Color of Kenosha book, I’m getting ready for a huge indie author conference in Las Vegas. There’ll be 1700 authors who have written and self-published there books or are just getting started. And I’m working on setting up this tiny, little shop to feature all their work.

So, while I have to hold off on a big two year bookshopiversary celebration, we’ve got something big to look forward to for year three.

Plus, we have plenty of other fun things to do. Check out all the upcoming events we’re having on Sundays at Studio Moonfall:

– Free Book Friday – Every Friday 10am to 7pm – Stop in and get a free used book
– Artist Luke Daab & Author T.R. Nickel
– Author D. Lieber (Book Release!)
– Halloween! I’ve already got a pumpkin full of candy so throw on that costume and come on down!

Head to the Facebook events to stay up to date on event details.

See you at Studio Moonfall!

– Donovan