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Reanimated… With Help!

Gotta give credit where credit is due!

AKA: Whoopsy!!

If you have the original version of the Zombie Guide to English Grammar, you’ll know that I had illustrated for another author, Derrick Murphy. When it no longer fit his brand and didn’t have a place on his bookshelf, I took it off his hands to “reanimate” it. With updated illustrations, formatting, and a healthy dose of spit shine, I gave the book a second chance at life.

But there was somebody else involved who I let slip through the cracks!

Meet Suzanne Gochenouer!

She’s the author who originally wrote the “welcome to becoming a zombie story” which all these grammar lessons were applied to. And I totally missed that when republishing the book :O

So, now the book is updated with credit given where it ought to have been in the first place along with a BIG FAT SORRY I SCREWED UP, SUZANNE!!!

Check out her editing work and keep an eye out for her upcoming stories at

And check out the Zombie Guide to English Grammar, brought to life by Suzanne, Derrick, and me, at