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Summer of Monsters #2

Are you ready for some monster fun this summer? Each week, we’ll be featuring some of my stories of monsters, mad science, and mischief so you can catch up!

If you think Weird is part of a complete breakfast, I hope you’ve brought your appetite!

Breakfast Doodles are the daily drawings of Donovan Scherer. Created as a reason to get out of bed and make some art before heading off to the day job, this morning routine has quickly become a horrible addiction of our dear artist, leading to strange creatures and cats with workplace depression. Join him as reality spirals out of control in this first collection of artwork and stories.

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Happy reading!


P.S. If you've already read this book, loved, it, and would like to help so that I can keep writing, please be sure to leave a review on Amazon!

Double-P.S. Breakfast Doodles aren’t currently being served up but if you’re starving for artwork, feel free to bug me into getting back to serving it up daily.

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