American Demon Hunters

Hank knew the truth…
Nothing lasts forever. Not even death.
So what was he doing inside of the abandoned observatory?

He didn’t want to believe his wife was dead—didn’t want to live his life without her. Their son needed his mother, didn’t he?

The townsfolk had scared the children away from the observatory for decades, the one next to Lakeview Cemetery. Pure horror, they’d whispered. They said, “Satan himself wouldn’t walk through that graveyard.” And yet the black magic rising from the cold earth always seemed to beckon…

Hank had been raised a good Christian. He knew better.

But what if he could bring her back?

They didn’t understand.

He was the one who lost a wife.

Their son had lost his mother.

In the name of love, he’d bring her back. No matter the consequences.

You’ll love this horror novel, because none of us know if we’d raise our loved ones from the grave—until we can.

Fans of Supernatural and Lucifer will love American Demon Hunters.

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“Thorn is the new, fresh face in horror and dark fantasy.”
JA Konrath (aka Jack Kilborn)