The Monroeville Monster

When the sun goes down, the Monroeville woods hold a terrifying secret…Brenna and Brady are normal suburb kids who are always on the hunt for adventure. The only place they ever seem to find any fun is when they visit their grandparents who live deep in a Pennsylvania forest. When Sandy, a neighborhood kid, tells them all about the fabled Monroeville Monster, Brenna and Brady jump at the opportunity.As they try to get a picture of the elusive creature, the brother and sister team must conquer their fears as they tromp through a mysterious forest where not everything is not as it seems. When darkness and surprise meets them at every turn, Brenna and Brady wonder if their frightening quest will change their lives forever. The Monroeville Monster is a spooky and scary read for kids aged six and above. It’s perfect for Halloween fanatics or nighttime hikers who want to get their hearts racing. If you loved R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books, add the Monroeville Monster to your digital shelf today