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Meet the Author – Eva Pilch

Meet the Author!

Visit us on Friday, September 8, 2023 at Studio Moonfall from 4pm to 7pm to meet Thriller/Mystery Author, Eva Pilch.

Hang out at the shop and take a peek inside their book, Tourists:

It is said that there are peaceful, other-dimensional beings called Arcturians and dark ones called Reptilians. Arvad is an alien from Arcturus. He embodies the idea of an angel and is interested in learning more about what it is like to be human. Coming from a higher dimension, he helps people understand life in hard times. This includes a European construction worker named Ted. Ted came to America for the American dream, but his life has become a nightmare. Arvad also follows a Buddhist who has temper tantrums when no one is around, as well as a rich film producer. One who was bullied when he was young and now loves having the power. Also touring with Arvad is a Reptilian, the demon-like alien with a demonic influence.

Get a sneak peek at Tourists at

Eva Pilch has published Through My Eyes, a book on philosophical poetry and photography, as well as a fiction called Daydreams. She has been published in Different Voices, an international magazine, and Lumpen Magazine. Pilch wrote articles as the Chicago Paranormal Examiner. Her photography is sold as prints, home d├ęcor, accessories, and more. Pilch has been on LOERadio WNUR-FM 89.3 and Slam Internet Radio.

See you from 4pm to 7pm on Friday, September 8, 2023 at Studio Moonfall, 5031 7th Avenue with Eva Pilch!