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Kenoshan of the Week!

I should have kept my day-long mayorial campaign going after the current mayor left his car in my Harbor Market spot. I just got recognized as Kenoshan of the Week by!!

I don’t know that I get a new car or cake or anything at all but you can click here to read the whole article.

It’s got all sorts of good bits about opening the shop and running it for the past three years, as well as how things went this weekend for the Kenosha Book Festival. Which was incredible!

The plan is to bring back the festival next April and then again in September. But before that, we’ll be starting up Authtober, our daily feature of authors during October. Stay tuned for details on that one.


And the $1 used book Little Library fundraising will keep going through the end of September so come by and load up on books!

During August, we had all sorts of giveaways going on. If you were in on them, I’ll be contacting everyone today and announcing winners on Facebook. If you want a head start to see if you’re among the victorious, check out the blog post here.

And hey. If you didn’t win that AMAZING ZomBean backpack, you can order one here.


It’s been a long few weeks. Shop will be closed over the weekend, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

So, I’ll see ya today for Free Book Friday or next week.

Happy reading,

  • Donovan