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August Giveaway Winners!

Pro-Tip. Don’t run multiple giveaways with a bunch of weird prizes at once.

Let’s figure this out.

The Giveaways

  1. Helpful Minion Helper Drawing. One Prize: An Incredible ZomBean Backpack.
  2. The Back to School Giveaway. Prizes: 24 winners of the Zombie Guide to English Grammar. One Grand Prize Winner of the Zombie Guide plus a ZomBean Backpack.
  3. August’s Giveaway – A to ZomBean. 2 winners of Night of the Living ZomBeans: Volumes 1 & 2, and ZomBeans of History. One Grand Prize Winner of the three coloring books plus a ZomBean Backpack.
  4. The Summer Long Artist Alley Stampcard Giveaway. The big one. 5 Sadness Consolation Prizes for people who weren’t able to collect 5 stamps. The 5 Stamp Prizes – One $100 Studio Moonfall Giftcard and five $20 gift cards.

For the Summer one, we seven people eligible to win the gift cards. So… we’ll do six of the $20 gift cards. Also, the Sadness Consolation prizes are pretty cool.


Let’s go.

Helpful Minion Helper Drawing…
Shelby from Lemon Street wins a ZomBean Backpack!!!

Next one – 24 Zombie Guide to English Grammar winners…

  1. Beth
  2. Michael
  3. Natalie
  4. Zoe
  5. Robert
  6. Ryan
  7. Randy
  8. Levaiiya
  9. Esther
  10. Isaiah
  11. Mandy
  12. Ryan
  13. Rich
  14. Paul
  15. Cassie
  16. Henry
  17. JoAnn
  18. Lori
  19. Ryan
  20. Jeanne
  21. Mike
  22. River
  23. AJ
  24. Lori

And our Back to School Grand Prize Winner of both a Zombie Guide and a ZomBean Backpack…
Krystal!! Way to go, sport!

Before we get to our bigger prizes, let’s sneak in here with the Artist Alley Stampcard Sadness Consolation Prize. Remember, if you want the big prizes, plan on coming to Studio Moonfall EVERY Sunday next summer to meet our guest authors and artists!

  1. Eliza
  2. Marie
  3. Doug
  4. Lily
  5. Audra

Great job. Keep up the good work.


August’s A to ZomBean Coloring Book Giveaway. First up, we have two winners for Night of the Living ZomBeans: Volumes 1 & 2 and ZomBeans of History. Let’s see who we’ve got…

  1. Carol
  2. Gregg

Wow. You’re so good at this!

And for our A to ZomBean Grand Prize winner of the three coloring books and our last ZomBean Backpack…
Congratulations, Veda!

Well, then.

It’s time for our gift card drawings. Are you ready?

For our six $20 Studio Moonfall gift cards, here’s who’s getting them…
Amber, Beth, Emma, Luis, Paolo, and Randy!

Grand Prize $100 Studio Moonfall gift card goes to Leah!!! Congratulations!

Big thanks to everyone you participated in these silly games and supported Studio Moonfall in this month of chaos. On to the next weird idea to bring to life!