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Independent Bookstore Day

We’re gonna wing it.

Hey oh wow it’s Independent Bookstore Day!

I’m juggling a lot of projects at the moment so we’re just going to make things up as we go along. Will it be cool? Maybe. Heck if I know.

$1 books? Big Little Library fundraising? Guest authors? Food trucks? Magicians? Special celebrity guests? Hatching dinosaur eggs? Spaghetti?

I don’t know if any of those things will happen but maybe they will so just come support the indie-est bookstore there is with Studio Moonfall.What we will DEFINITELY have will be the things we always have – books by independent authors, art by local creators and folks from the comic con world, a bunch of used books, and all the other little oddities you can find at Studio Moonfall – 5031 7th Avenue.

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