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The Winter Challenge

Need something to do this winter?

Want to win some prizes while you’re at it?

Come down to Studio Moonfall and pick up your Winter Challenge mini comic!

Inside, among all sorts of other goodies, you’ll find a stamp card. To collect the stamps, you’ll have to visit the shop once a month January through April. And if you collect all four stamps…

… You’ll be eligible to win the GRAND PRIZE!!!

(just don’t ask what it is yet because I still have a few months to figure that out)

We’ve got the extra special versions of the stamp cards in the shop but if you want one right away, you can CLICK HERE for a printable version.

Just in case you can’t collect all four stamps, there will also be some prizes available based on how many you do get. Another thing I haven’t figured out yet. But that doesn’t matter, right now. You’ve got stamps to collect!!