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Richard Bell – Kenosha Book Festival 2024

Richard Bell is coming to Studio Moonfall’s Kenosha Book Festival 2024 on April 28th.

Born in Chicago. Joined the Navy at 18. Self-taught the bass guitar. Took six years to get a bachelor’s degree. Worked a variety of jobs. Married at 39. Started writing short funny stories to make myself laugh while wife had leukemia. She survived. Again worked a variety of jobs. Laughter is good medicine.

Here’s a sneak peek at their book Life Seemed Good, But….:

This book is a collection of very short stories with unpredictable endings. It is dedicated to all those who supported someone suffering with cancer or any serious illness with the premise that laughter is good medicine.

Many of the stories come from Bell’s magazine column entitled Modern Fables previously published in Wassup Local Magazine (Lake County IL). He began writing as therapy in 2004 when he was laid off from his job shortly after his wife got leukemia.

Although the category is fantasy humor, Life Seemed Good, But…. contains parodies, elements of the surreal, as well as anti-humor and portrays diverse attitudes and takes on life from a somewhat dark but intelligent and laughable perspective as animals, food and other inanimate objects take on human qualities.

These multi-layered stories offer a glimpse into a life of struggling to cope yet provide a ray of hope in the simple act of continuing on, accepting the good, bad, and frustrating as a part of what we all have to endure and overcome.

Contains a wealth of hidden trivia and a portion of the proceeds is donated to cancer and Alzheimer’s research. The author describes himself as “”just an ordinary guy and nobody special.””

If you can’t wait until you meet the author at this summer’s Kenosha Book Festival, pick up your copy at

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