Revenant Files – Michael Anderle

“Among ghosts and breathers, there is a saying…
“There is always something going down in New Orleans.”
Ghosts aren’t a phenomenon anymore. They are as real as any living person.
And many are just as scummy.
Fortunately, there are unique bounty hunters like Johnny Despereaux to hunt them down.
Johnny’s mentor and partner, Vic Kane, a literal ghost detective, joined forces after a strange occurrence in his youth.
Are they joined at the hip? Will both die if one passes?
Johnny and Vic are on a new case that takes them to one of the most ghost-inhabited places in the world.
Why? To try to hook up with a potentially big case and equally big payday.
If they live to cash it in.
They soon realize this is beyond a simple haunting. Their paths cross with many players, all wanting this nightmare to be over for different reasons.
Should this surprise the pair? After all, this is the Big Easy. The only question is…
Who dies first? Because whoever dies last wins.”