Night of the Living ZomBeans: Volume 2

The zombie beans are back for more brains! Volume 2 of the Night of the Living ZomBeans features a brand new batch of these brain-eating abominations along with a special treat – a peek at the original game where the ZomBeans came to life. While the game may not be around any longer, this coloring book will give you a glimpse into the laboratory of Darksmith Manor from the Fear & Sunshine book series. See just what our mad scientist crew had to deal with during this lab accident of hungry beans.

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A Coloring Book of Zombie Beans

Genre: Coloring Book
Series: Night of the Living ZomBeans
Age Level: 8 and up
Grade Level: 3rd and up
Language: English
Page Count: 104 (50 illustrations)
ISBN-13: 978-1942811251
Original Publication Date: 1/20/2020

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