Creature of the Week: The Book of Goblins

Goblins have taken over Creature of the Week!

What was once a weekly competition between monsters has been overrun by some sinister slime balls. While a few of these dungeon-dwelling ne’er-do-wells may be giving you a jagged, yellow-toothed grin, don’t let your guard down unless you want to end up in tonight’s stew.

This coloring book is here to help you get familiar with these fiendish foes. Grab your crayons and prepare for adventure!



The Goblins have taken over Creature of the Week!

Genre: Coloring Book
Series: Creature of the Week
Age Level: 8 and up
Grade Level: 3rd and up
Language: English
Page Count: 72 (33 illustrations)
ISBN-13: 978-1942811213
Original Publication Date: 08/13/2021

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