Free the North! (Free Trader Series Volume 5)

“A Cat and his human minions fight to bring peace to humanity. For readers from 13 to 65, find compelling characters engaged in an adventure of search, conflict, and discovery.

Peace in the south. People settling in. Intelligent creatures moving to Vii from the RV Traveler.

Soon, meat will be in short supply. Hungry people will fight for what they need. Braden knows that livestock abounds in the north. It’s time to go get some.

But free trade in the north has been declared illegal by a new governor.

Once there, the livestock can wait. Free Trader Braden cannot tolerate anyone interfering with trade.
The Cat, his human minions, and the rest of the companions undertake a new journey where livestock, Hillcats, and the governor’s forces keep everyone jumping from one fire into another.

“After the 1st few pages I was hooked with the story. The characters flowed and the story line kept me enthralled. As the book grew so did the new companions. This is a rare book and author who can give a good story telling and keep you wanting more. I highly recommend this book to anyone… Craig Martelle, writes another outstanding book that leaves you wanting more.” Amazon five-star reviewer”