Cygnus Arrives: Humanity Returns Home (Cygnus Space Opera Book 3)

“Snarky Hillcats and the Cygnus Marines on a harrowing mission to earth…what could go wrong?

What do readers have to say about the Cygnus Space Opera?
•“Most authors can’t make an animal character believable. This one does. Craig Martelle has a great imagination and can put it down on paper for you to enjoy also, just like the great writers of the golden age. His writing is very reminiscent of their work.” Amazon five-star reviewer
•“…you will see the flavor of Sci-fi, Fantasy, and with enough sarcasm and humor to keep you highly entertained!”
•“A character driven book, but with a stable plot as well.”
•“I enjoyed reading it very much. There is a lot of humor as well as action. I look forward to the next book in the series.”

From space they came to space they returned, different, driven. Humanity would not be denied.

The crew takes the Cygnus-12 deeper into the universe, hopping from one colonized planet to the next on their way to Earth. The stark reality of what they find keeps them fighting for their lives and the survival of all humankind. “