Bookley’s Bibliotastic Coloring Book Adventure: Volume 1


Bookley is Studio Moonfall’s time-traveling, multiverse-hopping robot on a quest to find humanity’s greatest stories to ensure we survive in some form long past our extinction. How thoughtful!

Should your characters be some of the friends Bookley makes along the way?

Bring them along in our cartoonified collection of characters from across all genres of story. This series will introduce your stories to new readers in the most fun, outside-the-box way of doing it – as a coloring book!

Our books stay lighthearted enough for kids but add enough complexity for adults to find a relaxing challenge. Bringing all genres together, this book will be like walking into an illustrated library – all readers are welcome!

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Looking to introduce your story’s characters through the illustrated work of Studio Moonfall?

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:

• Artwork designed by Wisconsin author/illustrator Donovan Scherer of Studio Moonfall.
• A printable file and web link for your coloring page that you can share.
• Social media graphics to help promote/sell your copies of the book to recoup the cost of signing up.
• Optional discounts on the print books to give away or sell for a profit. The coloring book will sell for $12 MSRP.
• Usage to use the illustration on whatever you want to promote your brand – t-shirts, bookmarks, contests, etc.

• $349 includes 30 copies of the book
• $8 each for additional copies (billed separately in a future invoice)

Bookley’s Bibliotastic Coloring Book Adventure will feature characters of up to 50 independent authors alongside various literary friends we all know and love. Planned to launch around in June 2023, sign ups are first come, first served, so join the fun and let’s bring your character to life!