The Color of Kenosha 2nd Printing


The Color of Kenosha started as a fun, optimistic look at some of the places in our city.

Now’s a chance to use it as a way to help.

Orders for the 2nd printing of the book will help it continue to be used to help the Downtown & Uptown Business Recovery Fundraiser, with $5 from each sale going toward the fund. Order yours by October 14th and delivery is expected for early December.

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Studio Moonfall, Kenosha’s all-ages book publisher of nearly 100 titles of monsters and mischief, is creating a coloring book of your favorite Kenosha businesses!

Support your favorite local businesses by getting yourself a copy of the Color of Kenosha. The coloring book includes 40 illustrations featuring our businesses and life in Kenosha.

If you’re looking for another way to support your favorite businesses beyond one-book-at-a-time, click here