A Gilded Cage – Michael Anderle

“Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.
Life sucker-punched me…
I have family I didn’t know about, a magical heritage laying its claim, and a mystery I apparently need to solve.
There are three things I love most in life…my wild and crazy Irish family, Redbreast Whiskey at Shenanigans, and living in Toronto.
Having grown up with five older brothers, I can fight my way out of most situations, either with my wicked sense of humor or my fists. Often both. But when a back-alley brawl leaves me marked with a bizarre Celtic crest on my back, I become a beacon for all things whacked and weird.
My dad is obviously freaked when he sees the tat, but he won’t discuss it. 
So, I do what any stubborn red-headed lass would—I ignore all advice and fly to the Emerald Isle to get answers.
And yeah…you know that saying about hindsight being 20/20?
True Story.
Look out, druid world. This mac Cumhaill is like no other.
Will Fiona survive coming into her powers? Will those in Ireland survive Fiona? Can Toronto survive an urban druid and her mythical bear?”