A Coloring Book of Weird Ideas

This all-ages coloring book was made from the Weird Ideas of a bunch of strange peoplesubmitting an adjective, noun, and verb… or something along those lines.

Here’s what we pulled out of their heads:

• Fat Jackalope Hopping
• Sticky Alien Running
• Creepy Doll Skipping
• Crazy Demogorgon Dancing
• Panicked Author Cheese-Hording
• Piggybacking Lincoln Running
• Scary T-Rex Singing
• Vicious Great Dane Flying
• Tall Pig Dancing
• Overdressed Otter Ordering Takeout
• Festive ZomBean Hatching
• Gleeful Elf Bowling
• Funny Frog Eating French Fries
• Joyful Hippo Flying
• Middle-Aged Lady Karen-ing
• Hippie Margarita Skateboarding
• Frantic Flamingo Fishing
• Misunderstood Sea Slug Dancing
• Geeky Goat Unicycling
• Lazy Lady Lounging
• Sad Dog Crying
• Gassy Unicorn Flying
• Hungry Zombie Eating
• Evil Cats Battling
• Hairy Werewolf Shaving
• Skinny Cat Drinking
• Angry Venus Fly Trap Vacuuming
• Eccentric Goats Golfing
• Bespectacled Pharmacist Quarantining
• Magical Clown Dancing
• Enormous Tree Monster Rampaging
• Ticklish Luchador Shaving
• Sexy Chocolate Milk Dancing
• Funky Platypus Selling
• Musical Troll Serenading Mud Zombies
• Carnivorous Lawnmower Partying
• Fierce Golem Fighting
• Hangry Skunk Gang Attacking
• Broken Robot Composting
• Human-Legged Duck Marathoning
• Shy Dinosaur Building Birdhouses
• Flipped Out Chickens Trampolining
• Happy Graboid Tunneling
• Suspicious Cereal Killing
• Odd Duck Waiting
• Adorable Puppy Playing With Hot Dogs
• Zebra-Feathered Raven Shooting Archery
• Winged Hippo Ballet Dancing

Illustrated by Donovan Scherer, author of the middle-grade fantasy adventure series Fear & Sunshine, A Coloring Book of Weird Ideas brings together 48 new illustrations for your coloring fun.



48 Strange Illustrations for Bizarre People of All-Ages

Genre: Coloring Book
Series: Weird Ideas
Age Level: 8 and up
Grade Level: 3rd and up
Language: English
Page Count: 104 (48 illustrations)
ISBN-13: 979-8642574058
Original Publication Date: 5/2/2020

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