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Meet the Authors at Chapter One of the Kenosha Book Festival

The Kenosha Book Festival is excited to introduce the incredible lineup of guest authors who will be joining us for Chapter One on Sunday, April 30th. These talented individuals span a wide range of genres and offer something for everyone. Get to know them a little better before you come to meet them in person!

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  1. Al Lytle & Toi Blasier: Co-authors of the human-free, epic fantasy novel “Gates of Divinity: The First Light,” which started a four-book saga and launched Al’s literary career.
  2. Aliyah Jackson: Poet and author of the heartfelt collection Planting Gardens on the Moon, Aliyah delves into themes of depression, isolation, and the complexities of spirituality and relationships.
  3. Ana Michelle: A curious and dedicated urban fantasy writer, Ana fully immerses herself in the research and creation process to tell captivating stories.
  4. Ashley Goodman: A.P. Goodman, a mythology and religion enthusiast, explores untold tales in her coming-of-age novel, Legacy Academy.
  5. Audrey Wilson: A prolific author and screenwriter, Audrey is known for her thriller novel “Wrong Girl Gone” and numerous award-winning screenplays and TV episodes.
  6. Danielle Lieber: Romantic idealist and author, D. Lieber infuses her love for fictional worlds and diverse cultures into her fantasy/romance writing.
  7. Debra Oas: Debra Oas, a master of paranormal fiction, expertly crafts chilling tales filled with mysterious murders, cryptids, witches, and supernatural secrets that keep her readers on the edge of their seats.
  8. Jessie Rose: Thriller, horror, and fantasy writer Jessie Rose is the author of Atomic Love and co-founder of The Beautiful Wild Magazine and Love Letters to Russia.
  9. Kaitlyn Bolyard: Poet, author, and writing/literature teacher, Kaitlyn penned her debut mystery novel, Mr. Wilson’s Wives.
  10. M.P. McDonald: Thriller writer and respiratory therapist M.P. McDonald crafts psychic twists and post-apocalyptic fiction informed by her medical experiences.
  11. Michelle Murray: Wisconsin-based author and mother, Michelle has published numerous poems and short stories in anthologies, earning a feature in Who’s Who Among American Poets.
  12. Mynk Baylor: Experienced teen fiction romance and fantasy author, Mynk Baylor’s latest works showcase her passion for music, dancing, and family.
  13. Natasa Zoubouridis: A comedy and creative writing enthusiast, Natasa encourages others to believe in themselves and pursue their publishing dreams.
  14. Sean Sorce: Welder by day and writer by night, fantasy author Sean Sorce finds inspiration in C.S. Lewis and balances writing with hobbies like swimming, dancing, and hiking.
  15. T.R. Nickel: Imagination-driven T.R. Nickel has evolved from writing poems in a tiny yellow memo pad to crafting intricate fantasy stories.
  16. Sharon Angelici: Full-time wife, mother, artist, and LGBTQ+ romance fiction writer, Sharon has been passionate about writing since childhood.
  17. Donovan Scherer: Creator of the Fear & Sunshine series and founder of Studio Moonfall, Donovan collaborates with indie authors to bring monsters and mad science to readers worldwide.

Join us on Sunday, April 30th, to meet these incredible authors, get your books signed, and celebrate the joy of reading at Chapter One of the Kenosha Book Festival!

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