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Meet the Author – S. L. Wilton

Meet the Author!

Dive into Worlds Unseen with S. L. Wilton!

S. L. Wilton – Fantasy Author – will be visiting Studio Moonfall, 5031 7th Avenue on June 9th from 4pm to 7pm

Check out his book, Queen of Crows

An ousted young queen struggles to regain her throne in a world of dangerous creatures.

Sophia Pendergast’s quest is complicated by deep-rooted misogyny embedded in her culture and religion. Her lover, a dashing young knight, offers her a life in obscure comfort, but she refuses to abandon her people to the usurper’s whims. To retake her throne and set prophecy on its path, she must embrace a long-denied secret and discover a prophecy’s hidden meaning.

In S. L. Wilton’s Queen of Crows, we discover simple truths may not exactly be simple.

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S. L. Wilton is a retired non-commissioned officer from the U. S. Army. He lives in rural central Wisconsin with his wife, Karen and their chihuahua, Willie. When not writing, he enjoys riding Indian motorcycles, building scale models, and sport fishing.

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