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Meet the Author – Kari Pohar

👻 Get ready for a chill down your spine! 👻

Join us on Friday, July 7, 2023, from 4pm to 7pm at Studio Moonfall, and immerse yourself in an evening of horror and paranormal tales with author Kari Pohar.

Experience the uncanny world of her book “Chateau Merlot”. Uncover the story of Stephen, a man who becomes dangerously entangled in the world of vampires after discovering the lucrative value of his blood. Amidst luxurious surroundings and deceptive promises, he learns the chilling lesson that some things simply cannot be bought with money.

Are you brave enough to delve into this thrilling narrative? Sneak a peek at “Chateau Merlot” here:

Meet the mastermind behind these blood-curdling tales: Kari Pohar. Since her debut in 2018, Kari has been published 8 times and has secured a place in a local writing anthology. Her fascination with the paranormal world – ghost hunting shows, tarot cards, and the unexplained – fuels her creative muse.

Join us and Kari, whose inspirations range from Edgar Allan Poe to Marissa Meyer, for an evening guaranteed to make your spine tingle! And remember, Kari shares her home with her family, a cat, and at least one ghost – who knows who might be joining us at the event? 😉

We can’t wait to welcome you on Friday, July 7, 2023, from 4pm to 7pm at Studio Moonfall, 5031 7th Avenue. See you there – if you dare!