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Meet the Author – Diane Creekmur

Meet the Author!

Visit us on Friday, July 12, 2024 at Studio Moonfall from 4pm to 7pm to meet Children’s Books Author, Diane Creekmur.

Hang out at the shop and take a peek inside their book, Holly’s Big Imagination:

Holly’s Big Imagination is a must-read for children and preschoolers learning to conquer their fear of the dark! It is a story about fantasy and discovery, taking the reader on a whimsical bedtime adventure into Holly’s imagination.

But what appears to unfold in the murkiness of the dim night air isn’t at all what Holly expected! And what happens next when the light goes back on is the biggest surprise of all!

Fall 2021 Pinnacle Award Winner!

Get a sneak peek at Holly’s Big Imagination at

Diane Creekmur is the Fall 2021 Pinnacle Award winning author of Holly’s Big Imagination! Creekmur has a background in Journalism and Creative Writing. She published a major fashion spread for Milwaukee Magazine and worked as a free lance writer for Amity Leather Products Company and National Business Furniture in Wisconsin. The author attributes the creation of Holly’s Big Imagination to her own childhood beginnings. Holly’s fantasy world is based on a person encounter with imagination and how fear of the dark can manifest in a young child’s mind. Creekmur, now a grandmother, continues to pursue her passion for writing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

See you from 4pm to 7pm on Friday, July 12, 2024 at Studio Moonfall, 5031 7th Avenue with Diane Creekmur!