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Madeline Crane – Kenosha Book Festival 2024

Madeline Crane is coming to Studio Moonfall’s Kenosha Book Festival 2024 on April 28th.

Madeline Crane has been in love with fantasy since childhood, when her father read her The Hobbit as a bedtime story. She has two degrees in English literature (a BA with an emphasis in medieval literature and an MA with an emphasis in education), and she lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two cats. Her first book, Beyond the Frost-Cold Sea, was published in 2022, and The Book of the New Moon Door is her second.

Here’s a sneak peek at their book Beyond the Frost-Cold Sea:

After losing everything in a foolhardy quest to slay a sea serpent, Eske of the Bear Clan journeys across the world to the holy city of Phyreios. There, he meets warriors from faraway lands, a rebel leader with the courage to defy the gods, and a gentle healer whose dreams foretell a great calamity.

While at first Eske seeks only an opportunity to test his strength and a distraction from his grief, he soon becomes entangled in a clash of gods and monsters that will change the fate of Phyreios-and the world-forever.

Inspired by Robert E. Howard’s CONAN THE BARBARIAN and Ursula LeGuin’s EARTHSEA novels, BEYOND THE FROST-COLD SEA is an epic tale of love, loyalty, rebellion, and ruin.

If you can’t wait until you meet the author at this summer’s Kenosha Book Festival, pick up your copy at

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