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T.R. Nickel – Kenosha Book Festival 2024

T.R. Nickel is coming to Studio Moonfall’s Kenosha Book Festival 2024 on May 26th, July 28th, September 22nd!

T.R. Nickel is known by her family and friends for her intense imagination and desire to make others smile. Since a young child, living in the state of cheese, she has been fascinated with books and the craziness that goes into creating something so magical. Starting off with writing poems that she would jot down into a tiny bright yellow memo pad, grew an intense passion to create and fill a world with her own craziness.

Here’s a sneak peek at their book Light of Evanora:

The Legends of Limoria, Light of Evanora, is book one of a five-book series. These legends will take you around the Realm of Limoria and tell you about the incredible journeys of those who find it to be their home.

Light of Evanora focuses on a half-elf named Xylia who, through a series of love, self-sacrifice, and heartbreak, finds herself in a battle against temptation and her very own morality. With the support of her mentee and the help of an exiled prince, she attempts to do the seemingly impossible; discover who she truly is in a world that has cast her race aside. With nothing but a book and a voice ringing in her mind, they guide her to a truly legendary story.

If you can’t wait until you meet the author at this summer’s Kenosha Book Festival, pick up your copy at

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