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Taylor Schafer – Kenosha Book Festival 2024

Taylor Schafer is coming to Studio Moonfall’s Kenosha Book Festival 2024 on April 28th and July 28th!

Meet the author:
My name is Taylor Schafer! I’ve always been an avid reader. I have written a few books since high school but have taken the leap and published my first book. I love writing all the smutty books I can. I’m a firm believer in sex early in the book.

I live with my two cats; Cowboy and Bandit. And I love all things Christmas!

Here’s a sneak peek at their book Of Stars and Water:

The world is in chaos, after a freak solar storm destroys all technology on Earth. The planet goes into World War III and half the population is eradicated. The remaining population, because of radiation from the bombs and solar storm, ends up changing them. The radiation awakes latent elemental powers, allowing every person to control one element. Except for me.

If you can’t wait until you meet the author at this summer’s Kenosha Book Festival, pick up your copy at

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