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How About Some Good News

The Color of Kenosha coloring book is here!

While the timing isn’t quite what was expected, I’ve changed a few things around with the project that might be able to help a lot of Kenosha businesses.

The Pre-Order/Early Orders are going to be extended until September 30th. You can order the book at and the business you select will receive $5 for each book sold.

If you choose Studio Moonfall, the $5 will go to the Downtown & Uptown Business Recovery Fundraiser through DKI.

The Color of Kenosha is fun, optimistic view of what our city can be (if we were all cartoons). The next Color of Kenosha book, planned to come out in time for the holidays, is now set up for anyone to sign up a business they would like to see involved.

The business will receive a bunch of copies of the books for themselves that they’ll be able to sell. And of course, you’ll get a handful of books for yourself.

Basically, here’s how it works:

  • You choose your favorite business to support
  • Sign them up to be in the book
  • I’ll let them know and find out what they’d love to see for their illustration
  • Everybody gets books!
  • The business will be able to sell their copies to even more of their customers

Also, once the business is signed up, they’ll receive $5 for anyone that pre-orders the book and chooses them from the options.

This is pretty much the same as the first Color of Kenosha but now with the option for individual people to support their favorite businesses during this rough time instead of having the businesses doing it themselves.

For all the details, visit

For those of you that preordered the first book and businesses involved, I’ll be reaching out to you to figure out how we’ll handle delivery or picking them up.