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Guest Fantasy Author Michelle Novak & More

Join us June 19th from 10am to 2pm with Authoress Michelle Novak and Cathy the Wand Maker!

Michelle Novak is an authoress and public inspirer! She loves history, costuming, nature and the peaceful, healthy, and positive things in life. She holds an M.A. in Speech & Interpersonal Communication from NYU. Her interactive travel novel Venice, historical fiction thriller Veleno, and fantasy books for children, thrill the imagination and take the reader to whole new worlds! Enjoy the adventure! 

Get a peek at her books before the event at

For your spell casting needs, Cathy the Wand Maker will be here with her fine selection of hand-made magical wands. Avada Chupacabra!!

And of course, be sure to grab a snack from Hydn Cheese and see what’s new from the Moonfall Minions!

Sunday, June 19th from 10am to 2pm at Studio Moonfall – 5031 7th Avenue 

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