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Book-o-Ween at Studio Moonfall! πŸ—“

Prepare to be spellbound, book lovers and Halloween enthusiasts! Studio Moonfall presents the most enchanting event of the season: Book-o-Ween!

πŸ“… When?
Sunday, October 29th
⏰ Time?
10am – 3pm
πŸ“ Where?
Studio Moonfall, 5031 7th Ave. Downtown Kenosha

Here’s why you can’t miss out:

  1. Haunted Books at Unbelievable Prices!
    Get lost among thousands of haunted used books priced at just $1 each. A treasure trove for every bibliophile!
  2. Mingle with (Potentially Werewolf) Authors!
    A host of talented local authors are excited to share their creations. While we can’t guarantee they’re not secretly werewolves or zombies, we can assure you they’re incredibly talented:

Michelle Murray, Kaitlyn Bolyard, Al Lytle & Toi Blasier, Randi Moxi, Ana Michelle, Sean Sorce, Steve Tindall, Jessie Rose, M.P. McDonald, Huckleberry Rahr, T.R. Nickel, D. Lieber, A.R. Grimes, Debra Oas, and Sharon Angelici.

  1. Delicious Bites from Special Guests!
    Satiate your monstrous appetites with gourmet delights from The Lumpia Lady and That’s a Wrap food trucks.
  2. Dress to Impress!
    Channel your favorite book character and come dressed to stun. Whether you’re a dashing Darcy, a mischievous Matilda, or a haunting Heathcliff, all costumes are welcome!
  3. Special Event Stalls!
    For those with a taste for the unique and timeless, our Renaissance Faire Garb Swap & Sale and the Steampunk General Store will transport you to another era. Plus, make unforgettable memories with Little Big Top Fun Company.

It’s not just a Book Sale. It’s not just Halloween. It’s Book-o-Ween at Studio Moonfall! Perfect for families, friends, and all literature aficionados. Mark your calendars, dust off your costumes, and get ready for a day filled with fantasy, frights, and fantastic reads.

See you there! πŸ“šπŸŽƒπŸ‚πŸ‘»

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