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Aliyah Jackson – Kenosha Book Festival 2024

Aliyah Jackson is coming to Studio Moonfall’s Kenosha Book Festival 2024 on April 28th, July 28th, and August 25th.

Planting Gardens on the Moon is Aliyah Jackson’s debut poetry collection that explores themes of depression, isolation, and uncertainty in religion, spirituality, and relationships, using vignette-like poems that offer relatable details of the human journey.

Here’s a sneak peek at their book Planting Gardens on the Moon:

Planting Gardens on the Moon is the first full length poetry collection by Aliyah Jackson. It centers around themes of depression, isolation, and the uncertainties behind the refuge in religion, spirituality and interpersonal relationships.

“In Planting Gardens on the Moon, Aliyah Jackson tills the fertile soil of her experiences, her fears, and the quiet that eludes her mind to expose it to the light. With no words wasted, each poem is like its own vignette where you are sure to find the details of your own journey.”

  • Esteban Colon
    ’18-’19 Kenosha Poet Laureate
    Author of Hell Creek and Things I Learned the Hard Way

If you can’t wait until you meet the author at this summer’s Kenosha Book Festival, pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble.

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