Shoot: CJ Sheridan Thriller (Volume 1)

“If you knew the future, how much would you risk to save a life?
CJ Sheridan had a plan. A martial artist who can handle a gun, CJ thought he’d follow in the footsteps of his FBI veteran father. When he’s handed a camera that teases potential future tragedies, CJ takes on a new path: saving lives by changing the outcomes.
CJ knows the power of the camera and the horrific price Mark Taylor, the previous owner, paid for its use. He assumes that with an experienced team behind him, there’s no way tragedy can strike twice.
He hops on the chance to save the life of a murder victim, only to find himself accused of planning the very crime he hoped to stop! As he tries to clear his name, another tragic picture appears. One that could tear his city apart. One that could test the very limits of CJ’s wit, courage, and lifeā€¦
Shoot is the first book in the CJ Sheridan Thrillers collection, a standalone spinoff saga of the Mark Taylor Series. If you like heart-pounding action, page-turning prose, and atypical heroes, then you’ll love M.P. McDonald’s latest thrilling adventure.
Buy Shoot to follow a new hero through the lens today!”