Seriously: A Brief Guided Journal

“Looking for a brief guided journal to document your head scratching moments? The moments that make you say “seriously?!” This is it!

Parents, this is the journal for your teens! (Fun fact, you can use it too, because, seriously, life; but I won’t tell your children).

Question for you, how many times throughout your day, do you find yourself thinking or saying (or hearing your children say) “SERIOUSLY?!” as a response to the many situations you/they encounter?

I’ll share a bit about how this guided journal came to be….

Our now 4-year-old son, would walk around saying, “SERIOUSLY” with various intonations and I swear, his timing was always spot on! I would think, man, if only I had some place to capture all of these moments, and so, we created this journal, and he became a published author at the age of 3!

In this 6 x 9, 120-paged, brief guided journal, your teens are to capture those moments, and even complete a mood check for the corresponding event and/or day!

By the end of the journal, your teens will have a healthy outlet, and place to store some of their most “seriously” worthy moments. Journaling is very therapeutic, but this journal sneaks the healing in, in a comical way.

Some are calling it their mental wealth journal and, we’re “seriously” stoked about that! We emphatically believe in taking care of your mental health, and journaling is an excellent tool for doing so!

Are you feeling:

• Seriously Happy?
• Seriously Sad?
• Seriously Irritable?
• Seriously Calm?
• Seriously Funny?

Capture all of those feelings here!

But wait, there’s more! Just in case you’re feeling creative, you have space to:

• Doodle
• Draw
• Write poetry

The options are limitless!

This journal is the perfect size, you can toss it in your bag, so it’s always available for you to capture all of those moments that make you say…..SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY! SERIOUSLY.

We’re using ours like crazy, especially with our multi-generational household, those moments are a plenty! We seriously wouldn’t trade it for the world, but boy am I glad that I have some place to capture all of these stories, and now you do as well!”