A collection of 21 humorous and quirky poems, ranging from haiku to limerick to free-for-all by author Tea Krulos, based on observations from his unique perspective on life. Includes 8 illustrations by the author. Poems include: “Poem From Palookaville” “Floppy’s Lament” “Bad Company” “Joke Interlude” “An Eight Hour Kitchen Shift Condensed Into a Poem” “Punkettes” “Late July” “Time Travel Date” “Kaiju Haiku” “Crypto Fail” “RLSH” “Boxing Day Kangaroo” “The Rat and The Roach” “After the Bout” “Submarine Drama” “Dear Coffee” “Take the Number Ten Bus” “Recycler” “Goth Gal” “Conspiracy Theorist” “Uncle Joe’s Last Words”