Have You Seen My Password(s): Username & Passwords Logbook

“Looking for a place to keep your passwords & usernames?! This is it!

Did you know, most people have up to 100 passwords to remember?!

Talk about a brain workout…but let’s be honest, having to manage passwords stinks! If you’re anything like us, you have a gazillion usernames and passwords, all with different requirements!

Some require 6-20 letters, numbers, special character sequences (uppercase, lowercase…backwards…. HA!). Others require more or less than above without special characters or only particular characters. How can you keep up?! No, seriously, how?

It makes us exhausted just thinking about it. So, we decided to create a U (username) & P (password) tracker to help you keep “UP” with this very important information (see what we did there, “U…P…)!

Have You Seen My Password(s) was designed to help you keep all of your important web/electronic information:

• Websites
• Passwords (Current AND the last 3…because we know how tough it is to remember the passwords from the past)
• Usernames
• Other Important Information
• Passwords that may have been burned (because, hackers suck)!

In a secure location that you can keep at your fingertips!

We’ve provided a list of categories for you, and provided you with the layout so you can organize the information that best suits you, and, for ease of use and reference!

About this Logbook:

• 6 x 9, the perfect size to keep with you at all times!
• 116 pages, with plenty of space to store your information
• Soft matte cover design (a very clever one if we do say so ourselves)!

This Passwords tracker also makes an excellent gift! Give a gift that people are sure to love!”